John Seeley and JoAnne Nightingale

Consumer Packaged Goods
Management Consulting

John is President of The American Consulting Group and JoAnne is President of Chopko Nightingale Consulting. Working as a team for the past 16 years, John and JoAnne bring a combined 50+ years of marketing and general business management expertise to the Sycamore and Company Team. With a client list that includes such top tier companies as The Coca-Cola Company, Kraft Foods, Nabisco Brands, Domino’s Pizza, and Brown Foreman Beverages, as well as smaller companies and hands-on experience with start-ups, John and JoAnne have successfully helped a variety of companies identify, organize, plan and build their consumer businesses.

John and JoAnne establish close working relationships with their clients to deliver exceptional results. They possess both superior leadership skills and interpersonal skills. They are strong strategic and analytic thinkers, are results oriented and have a bias for action -- hence, they do not produce massive non actionable reports that sit on the shelf, but actively engage with their clients to deliver results that drive the business.

John and JoAnne have led multi-functional teams and work processes to deliver clear and concise bundles that successfully communicate to internal and external end users. Providing objective and strategic insight to direct and stretch the output, John and JoAnne have helped drive current businesses and define future strategic and tactical direction.

John has a BA from Grinnell College and an MBA from The Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth. JoAnne holds a BA from the University of Virginia and Masters of International Business from the University of South Carolina. Both John and JoAnne worked at Procter & Gamble in Brand Management and JoAnne also worked at IBM and Kraft Foods prior to their consulting careers.