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Robert Chiaravalli, Esq.

Principal, Bloomfield Hills

Robert Chiaravalli is a recognized expert in labor relations, combining unique talents and decades of experience to effectively counsel its clients toward heightened profitability and workplace effectiveness. He was recently chosen as a Fellow of the Labor and Employment Relations Association, recognizing his contributions of unusual distinction to the field.

Founded and operated by Robert Chiaravalli, Strategic Labor & Human Resources brings nearly thirty years of experience to union and non-union shops. Having worked with the UAW and the National Labor Relations Board, large business and government, Mr. Chiaravalli is uniquely qualified to partner with his clients to strategize and develop their labor relations approach – a virtual labor relations and human resource executive for-hire.

As the vice president of human resources for a large first tier automotive supplier, he successfully changed old-line manufacturing operations into highly productive, flexible organizations while achieving substantial bottom line cost savings. As chief labor counsel he was able to avoid costly litigation and create a culture where fair treatment and cooperative problem solving is now common practice.

Mr. Chiaravalli received his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Michigan, a master’s degree from Cornell University Graduate School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and a juris doctor from Suffolk University Law School. In addition, he completed the Program on Negotiations at Harvard Law School and the SCAO approved program on civil mediation through the Institute of Continuing Legal Education at the University of Michigan.

Mr. Chiaravalli is active in labor relations, law and human resource associations and holds several leadership roles, including serving as executive board member national Labor and Employment Relations Association, past president of the Industrial Relations Research Association of Greater Detroit, and board member of the Michigan Labor-Management Association. He is also a MERC arbitrator and Michigan Department of Civil Rights Hearing referee.

Mr. Chiaravalli has published extensively and is frequently sought by companies, professional associations and media to train, present or comment on cutting edge issues in labor relations, human resources and developing trends in the business, labor/employment law and legislation.