Three Things First-Time Leaders Should Know

Our guest blogger, George Bradt, returns with some key learnings for first-time leaders, as well as valuable reminders for long-time leaders.

1 - Leading is different than managing.  


Where managing is about organizing, coordinating and telling, leading is about inspiring and enabling and co-creating. Great leaders can also do and tell when needed, but they focus on inspiring and enabling others to do their absolute best together to realize a meaningful and rewarding shared purpose. 


2 - Taking over as a leader for the first time is a critical, career-defining moment.  


Getting this transition right accelerates your career trajectory. Avoiding avoidable mistakes at this juncture requires preparation, commitment, and follow-through. 


3 - Focus on the cause.  


People follow charismatic leaders for a time. But they devote themselves over time to the cause of a BRAVE leader who inspires and enables them in the pursuit of that cause. BRAVE leaders have the courage to accept that leadership is not about them, but rather about working through behaviors, relationships, attitude, values and the environment to inspire and enable others. 


Read the full article on Forbes or request an executive summary of First-Time Leader which builds on these three ideas.