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Recruting new talent is not the end of the process.  Getting your new people into the flow and contributing quickly is critical.  New jobs, new roles, and new circumstances are pivotal events for all involved. Sycamore and Company partners with PrimeGenesis, whose team, tools and perspective are single-mindedly focused on helping transitioning leaders and their teams deliver Better Results Faster. How much better? PrimeGenesis onboarding has proven to reduce the rate of failure for new leaders from 40% to 10%.

It is as important to us as it is to you that your new employees are highly successful. To that end, and at no additional cost, people we place go through a ½ day onboarding session to craft a personal 100-day action plan with the help of thought leaders from PrimeGenesis that includes:

  • A stakeholder map
  • A clarified message
  • Pre-start activities to jump-start learning and relationships
  • A detailed day one plan
  • Timing of team-building activities over the first 100 days

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