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Our First eBook: Starting Over

Insight, Access, Insight

At Sycamore, we believe an executive search partner must provide you with all three:

  • Insight - insight into your business and your culture so they know the skills you need and more
  • Access - access to the rare talent that a resume dump or database library search simply can't turn up
  • Insight - the ability to evaluate the people behind those resumes

We’ve talked before about our approach to helping clients with the first two bullets. To expand on why Sycamore and Company is especially good at helping clients with the third bullet, we're proud to announce the publication of our first eBook, Starting Over.

When the author lost his job he was devastated. How could this happen? His credentials were perfect. His performance was excellent. How could he be the one to lose his job?

Starting Over is one man’s story about the process of dealing with losing a job and then finding a new one. It deals with both the emotional roller coaster that is a job search and the key learnings gained from the process. Because the author later became a successful executive recruiter, he is now able to look back on his own experiences and share valuable insights for job hunters.

More than a how-to book, Starting Over is a personal journey that can only be provided by someone who has been there.

Our uncommon insight into your candidates comes from having been there. Insight, Access, Insight.

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Download a sample chapter and buy a copy from your favorite online retailer.

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